Registration Information

  • What: 50th Annual Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride
  • When: April 24th, 2016
  • Where: Ride Start & Parking are at the Washington County Fairgrounds,
    12300 40th St No, Stillwater, MN

Ride Day Schedule

  • Rider Check-in and Registration opens 6:30am and closes 9:30am.  There is no mass start for the Minnesota Ironman.
  • Routes are open at 6:30 am. All riders may begin riding after they receive their wrist band and official map at registration.
  • 100 mile riders should start their route no later than 8:30am. By combining route loops, you can complete an Ironman century.
  • Riders on the 60 mi (Scandia) loop must depart by 9:30am. This route closes at 1pm. Therefore, if you are doing the 60 – do it first.
  • All riders must finish their routes by 5:30 pm, at which time MIBR ride support officially ends.
  • Day-Of-Ride Registration is an acceptable option.  Lines move quickly allowing you to ride with friends.

Registration Fees and Schedule

Online individual adult registration

  • $45 Regular Registration: March 1 – March 31 2016
  • $55 Late Registration: April 1 – April 13, 2016
  • $55 Day of Ride registration

Bring a Buddy and Save $$

Select the Buddy option at the site.

  • $80 Adult + a Buddy: Regular Registration: March 1 – March 31, 2016
  • $100 Adult + a Buddy: Late Registration April 1 – 13, 2016

Youth registration (17 and under)

We welcome youth riders to the Minnesota Ironman!

  • $15 Youth fee anytime including day-of-ride for ages 17 and under.
  • Children that ride on a Trail-a-Bike or a tandem need to officially register as a rider.
  • Children in trailers may ride for free and do not need to register.
  • Youth must ride with a parent or guardian.

We encourage parents to plan ahead to make sure the youth in their care have a great riding experience. Consider the weather, advance training, and providing a bike in good operating condition. We’re building life-long cyclists!

Team Registration Instructions

  • $30 Adult Registration: Feb 1 – Feb 29, 2016
  • $35 Adult Registration: March 1 – April 1, 2016

What makes a team, you ask?

Any group of 8 or more riders qualifies as a team. Friends, family, bike clubs, race clubs! Whatever! In addition, individual team riders can choose any route to ride – regardless of what the rest of the team is riding. Team Registration is available online only. Youth discount registration does not apply. Follow these steps to register as a team for the MIBR:

  1. Select a Team Name and a Captain. Team captain must e-mail us to receive a Team Password.  Email:
  2. Team Captain must be FIRST to register online; He/she enters the Team Name and the password.
  3. Team Captain shares password and official team name with each team member.
  4. Now each team member can register on his/her own. It’s that simple!

Mail In Your Registration

Mail In Your RegistrationFor folks that don’t want to register online, you may download a registration form and mail it in. Follow directions on the form.

Download Registration Form (pdf)

2016 Ironman Bicycle Ride

Cool weather riding
Bring a Buddy
Team Registration

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on registration. You may however transfer your registration to another rider. Sign your registration papers (from the Confirmation Newsletter) over to the other rider. Inform the new rider to check in on the morning of the ride with your Rider Number.

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