Dear Cyclists,

The Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride is on hold for 2018. Hostelling International USA, the ride’s owner and operator, is looking for a bicycling-minded non-profit organization that has interest in taking it over.

The ride is the oldest running large cycling event in Minnesota. It began in 1967 with a handful of riders and peaked around 2000 with 5000+ riders. The ride moved over the years with host cities being Minneapolis, Buffalo, Lakeville, Stillwater, and last year, Waconia, Minnesota.

Over 100,000 cyclists have ridden the Minnesota Ironman. You are likely one of them. Some riders have joined us for decades with over 40 years in their saddle on our ride. This rich Minnesota tradition has brought cycling adventure into so many lives.

Hundreds and hundreds of volunteers have also supported the ride. Some volunteers also have been with us for nearly 40 years. Great bike shops and other terrific sponsors continued to share years of support. Thank You!

I want to share a heartfelt thanks to all of you for riding in this grand event…in spite of all its physical challenges…and for supporting our organization by doing so. Oh the stories that have been told 🙂

Hostelling International USA is going through an organizational change. We want the ride to continue and would offer support and expertise to any non-profit group that wishes to take over the ride.

We have a license in place to use the name Ironman with the World Triathlon Corporation who owns it. We can transfer this license to another charitable non-profit. A legal agreement would be required for this to take place.

I share this news for several reasons. First, so you know the ride is not scheduled for 2018. Second, to ask that you spread the word of our interest in finding a new owner. And third, because this ride means a great deal to so many of you and to us.

Our website will provide any news and updates on our progress. And I can be reached by email

Thank You All…and Warm Wishes,

Jon Ridge
Central Region VP
Hostelling International USA

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