We are honored to have you riding with us on the 2017 Minnesota Ironman. Much will be new in 2017. New home, Waconia High School. New routes, Carver & McLeod Counties. New rest stops, Norwood Young America, Lester Prairie and Mayer. Moving the ride is exciting but also brings with it challenges. Getting there, parking, check-in, following the routes, and Ironman weather all will be different. Come prepared with an open mind and a great attitude. Honestly, we will be doing all we can to make this the best bike ride of your life. We’ve done this for 50 years but every one is different.

Here is some good information to prepare you for ride day and a few announcements as well.

2017 MIBR Rider Number

Pre-registered riders receive by e-mail your registration rider number. It makes for a fast morning registration process. Some will NOT get their rider number. It can be data error or more likely a bad email address. These are dropped by the e-mail system. Rider numbers are easily “looked up by your name” at Waconia High School. Don’t sweat it if you did not get yours.

Need Your Number?

Click inside of table and use Ctrl-F for quicker search for your name.

Day-of-Ride Registration…Yes

Yes, you can register on Ride-Day. We welcome Sunday morning registration at Waconia High School. Adults riders $55. Youth (age 17 or under) $15. The process is fast and we hope you will join in the excitement of this grand Minnesota cycling tradition. Credit Cards accepted.

Ride Day Schedule

  • Rider Check-in and Registration opens 6:30am and closes 9:30am.
  • Ride Start: All riders must check in/register and start their rides between 6:30 and 9:30 am. You will receive a route map and your official rider wrist band.  There is no mass start for the Ironman.
  • All riders must finish their routes by 5:30 pm, at which time MIBR ride support officially ends.
  • Day-Of-Ride Registration: If someone from your group plans on registering to ride on ride morning, there will be a special line for morning registration. Get there early to make sure you are out on the road on schedule.  We are fast and efficient.

What To Bring: A Checklist

  1. Your rider number
  2. Your bicycle and all necessary cycling gear
  3. Your helmet. Helmets are required for all riders.
  4. Appropriate riding gear. Check the weather. Dress appropriately.
  5. Water bottle(s), sunscreen, extra food
  6. Personal ID – carry with you at all times
  7. Cell phone
  8. Tire patch kit, pump, basic bike tools.
  9. Cash or credit card if you want to make pit stops along the route or buy a souvenir afterwards; however our rest stops will have plenty of food/drink. Ironman new and old merchandise is for sale and we take credit cards as well.
  10. Clean, dry clothes for post ride. Feels good!

Your Merchandise Purchase(s)

If you ordered merchandise with your registration, pick it up after the ride where you checked-in at Waconia High School. Simply check in after your ride and your merchandise will be waiting for you. If you need to make a size exchange we can take care of it at the ride. Try on your shirts before leaving.

New Purchases:

We have a Merchandise Table with the latest 2017 MIBR goods, and deals on last year’s goods also at Waconia High School. Buy early as quantities are limited.

2017 Podiumwear Ironman Jersey

Over 100 jerseys were mailed to the first group who ordered them by Mid-March. We ordered a few extra jerseys to change sizes for those that may need to do so. Please do it on ride morning BEFORE you leave to ride. We want to get this fixed right away for you. Any extra jerseys will be sold on Sunday.

In addition many of you have placed a jersey order or may wish to place one at the ride. Our second custom jersey order will be placed right AFTER the ride. We will have sample sizes to try on. Your jerseys will be built and mailed to you by June 10th. Podiumwear of St Paul is our manufacturer and they make truly high quality athletic clothing.

Directions to the Ride Start:

The Waconia High School is located at 1400 Community Drive, Waconia, MN 55387. This is the ride start and finish. You may park here or at any of the 18 approved parking lots as shown on the Rider Parking Map. There is no street parking around Waconia High School. To avoid any parking congestion around the high school, park at one of the other approved lots near the high school and ride over on the bike path.

Parking Map: Download a PDF of Ride Start Map

Route Info

We have 4 different routes planned for the 2017 MIBR. No loops this year. These are county roads. Traffic flows with the ride. You must share the roads with motorists. On the roads with narrow shoulders please, single out for cars. More on rider safety to follow. Our map shows routes with these distances:

  • 100 miles
  • 55 miles
  • 45 miles
  • 25 miles

See our Route Page for a route map, elevations, gpx files and more route details.

Rest Stops

All of our indoor rest stops offer refreshments for our riders including Gatorade, water and a variety of snacks and fruit. Plus: Restrooms, Mechanics, First Aid and buses available. The rest stops make a great place to get off your bike and regroup. If you should need mechanical assistance, or a ride back to the ride start (the fairgrounds) there will be volunteers to help you.

See the official route map for the rest stop locations.

Waconia Brewery Sampling on Sunday

We wish to thank Waconia Brewery for stepping up to help riders enjoy their first ride in Waconia.  Waconia brewery cannot serve beer at the high school.  So they are stepping up to serve Root Beer @ the high school instead 🙂
After the ride, take your pint cup to their brewery for a $1.00 off your first pint of craft beer. They are just a few blocks away from the High School. They are open until 9:00 p.m….really 9:00 p.m.

Important Carver & McLeod County Sheriff Department’s Requests

  • Fully obey all traffic control devices and law enforcement officers.
  • Law enforcement is there to help ensure the safe movement of ALL vehicles and pedestrians.  (Show your respect please)
  • No parking on Waconia residential city streets – vehicles may be towed.
  • Be courteous to all; other riders, vehicles, pedestrians and law enforcement.
  • Ride no more than two abreast when road conditions and traffic permits otherwise ride single file and as far right as possible.
  • Ride single file where posted by MIBR Signage.

Police Support, Rider Support, Safety, Emergency

Rider safety is our absolute number one priority concern. We work hard to make sure that good routes are chosen with good road conditions. Traffic is lighter on Sunday morning, but nevertheless cyclists will be sharing the road and trails with vehicles and pedestrians.  All traffic rules apply to cyclists.
Police/Sheriff: There will be police and sheriff support at major intersections. They work extremely hard with us to keep our riders safe.  Please thank them.

If you (or anyone you see) has a physical emergency immediately dial 911. We have ambulances and medics ready to respond in the event of any emergency. Do not hesitate to call.
MIBR Rider (SAG) Ironman Ride Line:
If you need to speak with Ironman central command, for a mechanical or a SAG pickup, call the hotline number listed on your official ride map.
Mechanical Support:
There will be bicycle mechanics at every MIBR rest stop. Please see them if you need any help with your bicycle.
SAG wagons (“support and gear” vans) will be driving the routes offering support.  SAGs and other support vehicles will have yellow warning lights on top this year. If you should have mechanical problems or feel unable to complete the ride, call the Ironman Ride Line on your official map, and we will organize a pickup. Rest stops are a great place to refuel and decide if you want to continue riding. School buses will be on hand at rest stops to shuttle riders back to Waconia High School.

Is Your Bike Ready? Call VeloFix

VeloFix offers a convenient Mobile Bike Shop experience at your home or office.  Use the promo code: “Ironman17”, which is available to all Ironman riders for a 15% discount on all services or products. Good until May 6th.

Rider Responsibility

Please obey all traffic laws. Move right for traffic.  Do not block roads.  Stop and signal where appropriate.  Communicate to other riders. Be genial and have an excellent time. We are out here to have fun, even when it’s challenging. Ride as if you represent all bikers everywhere.  You do!  Thank you

Rules of the Road | Ride Right

  • SHARE The Road. Please move to the right for faster cyclists and for all motor vehicles.
  • Always wear a HELMET. Do not wear headphones or listen to music. Stop if you need to talk on your cell phone.
  • STOP at all stop signs and traffic lights. Please obey all Minnesota traffic laws. Police may issue citations for violations.   You don’t want a ticket that goes on your driving record to ruin your day. This is a recreational ride, not a race.
  • RIDE DEFENSIVELY. Accidents are almost always caused by riders hitting other riders. Motor vehicles are seldom involved. Be careful and watch for other cyclists.
  • SIGNAL and COMMUNICATE your intentions to cyclists when turning, slowing down, stopping or passing “on the left.”
  • RIDE SINGLE FILE on busy roads, and no more than two abreast on quiet roads.
  • DRAFTING as a participant with MIBR is not allowed, please Just Don’t Do It.
  • No FINISH LINE SPRINTS. We want you to finish strong, and safe. Do not charge the finish line. It’s too crowded with riders of all abilities.
  • RESPECT private property. Don’t litter and do not make any “unofficial” bathroom breaks. All rest stops have great facilities for your use.

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