Fine Tune For Last 2 Weeks!

Only 2 weeks until the MIBR and getting primed and ready to ride!

  • Your bike is tuned up and has new tires
  • You’ve got clothing for whatever Mother Nature gives us that day
  • You’ve been training properly.  You’re riding one long ride and 2 interval training sessions per week
  • You’ve practiced your nutrition before and during your long rides

So what do you do for the upcoming weeks?

First of all, make sure you’ve addressed and are comfortable with the topics noted above.

Secondly, this weekend should be your longest ride leading up to the event, so stretch yourself to get in a long ride. Up to 4 hours if you’re doing the 100, and up to event distance length if you’re doing shorter than the century. Build your physical endurance and your mental toughness this weekend with the long ride. Your confidence will be high for the event.

Since this ride is a practice ride, much of the time should be spent at the pace/effort/power level that you expect to ride in the MIBR.  This is an endurance event, as such you’ll be at an aerobic pace.  But there’s a wide gap from the bottom to the top of the aerobic range, so be sure to spend some time at the upper end as well.

Remember that the purpose of these training rides is to prepare you for the event.  The closer you are to your expected effort level, the more it will pay off for you.  So rather than just spending time in the saddle, make it effective training time.

Also, continue to fine tune your on-bike nutrition as well.  I had mentioned using 250 liquid calories per hour (or carbohydrate) as a starting point for the amount you need to keep fueled and adjusting from there.  In addition, test various foods, drinks and gels that you like and that your stomach can handle.

Most of your work, and much of your fitness, should be “in the bank” at this point, especially after this weekend’s long ride.  So now it’s a matter of fine tuning and practicing so there are no surprises come Minnesota Ironman day.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing you on the road!

Bob McEnaney

About Bob:

Coach BobBob McEnaney has over 35 years experience coaching performance athletes of all ages, genders and ability levels. He has trained and competed in triathlon, cycling, and running races of all distances. His personal experience is backed by years of formal training which has aided in formulating effective performance training plans used by hundreds of athletes across the country.

Bob is a certified coach through both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling. He also is a member of Joe Friel’s exclusive “Ultrafit” Association of Coaches. Additionally, he is a Certified Personal Trainer and holds a Sports Fitness Specialist advanced certification through NASM. This combination of long-time coaching experience and personal race experience puts Bob in a unique position to create time efficient and effective cycling training plans to help athletes train properly.

Bob can be contacted by email: or directly at 651-271-3305.

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