Ironman Ride Checklist

Nothing is more frustrating than getting out of your car prior to a ride or event and realizing you’ve forgotten or overlooked something.  Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you at the MN Ironman this Sunday.  Use the following guide to make sure you walk out your door fully fueled and confident that you’re ready for the ride.


  • Eat a proper breakfast 2-3 hours before you begin.  High carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein.  No fat and no fiber.

Packed for the start

  • Cycling Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Water bottles filled with Sports Drink or Water
  • Bike
    • Tires pumped
    • Chain Lubed
    • Brakes in working order
    • Bolts tight
    • Pump
    • Seat bag including:
      • Spare tube (s)
      • Tire levers
      • Spare tire or “boot” in case of a tire tear, puncture or blowout
      • Patch kit
      • Money (dollar bills and change)
      • CO2 Pump and Cartridge(s) if you use them


  • Cold-weather gear
    • Shoe covers or Booties (neoprene are warmest)
    • Winter-weight socks
    • Cool weather cycling tights
    • Cycling shorts
    • Layering pieces (no cotton)
      • Inner wicking layer
      • Mid-weight wicking
      • Heavier weight layer and/or cycling jersey
    • Windbreaker
    • Gloves or Mittens
    • Skull cap, hat and/or helmet cover
  • Warm weather gear
    • Lighter weight socks
    • Cycling shorts (and possibly leggings for a cool start temp)
    • Cycling jersey (and possibly arm warmers for a cool start)
    • Cycling gloves
    • Windbreaker
  • Inclement weather
    • Rain jacket or poncho
    • Cycling tights (if cool weather)
    • Shoe covers (Gore-tex or neoprene)
    • Waterproof gloves
    • Helmet cover


  • Pre-ride
    •  Snack
    • gel or sports drink
  • During ride
    • Sports drink
      • Powder for mixing with water at stops
    • Gel (and water)
    • Solid food if necessary.
      • Fig Newtons
      • Clif Bar, Clif Bloks, Power Bar, etc
      • Banana


  • Post-ride recovery drink
  • Solid food
  • Plastic bag for wet, dirty ride clothing
  • Dry clothes
  • Money for food

This looks like a lot to prepare, and it is.  However, using this checklist will help you make sure you have everything you might need and will leave you feeling confident.

Print this list to use as your personal guide, then add any other specific items that you like.  Be prepared and have a great ride!!

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