2017 Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride Jersey

2017 Jersey Front
2017 Jersey Rear
2017 Jersey Side

Jersey options for 2017:

Bronze Short Sleeve – $75

With a full-zip in the front, soft Italian fabric and a great fit it’s anything but 3rd place (they had to call it something). The Bronze Short Sleeve features a Club Fit, which is similar to a tech tee. Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.

Gold Short Sleeve – $105

The ‘Gold’ Short Sleeve Jersey represents the zenith of our jersey offerings for the 2017 MN Ironman ride and comes with the much preferred full front zipper configuration. With a svelte, Euro-fit, this jersey is meant for folks who want their jersey painted on them. It’s carbon fiber reinforced fabric is ideal for long days in the saddle. Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.

Gold Merino Wool Long Sleeve – $125

We all know the MN Ironman has a history of not being the greatest weather wise. What better material than Merino Wool to combat the elements? Long sleeves and a poly blend merino wool fabric keep you warm no matter what goes down on April 24th. Like the Gold Short Sleeve, the Merino Wool Long Sleeve Jersey is a svelte euro-fit, so those who desire a more casual fit should size up.  Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.

Sizing a Bicycle Jersey:

When sizing a bicycling jersey pay most attention to chest measurements (or the widest part of your body above the waistline). This will insure that you have a comfortable ‘gate’ while out of the saddle. It is important to remember for those who are “on the cusp” of sizing up that when you jam your jersey pockets full of tire levers, tubes, gels/energy bars, cell phone, etc. that the jersey will “cinch up” slightly.  Our cycling size chart can be found below.

Jersey Sizing Chart

Jersey sizing chart

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