The Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride Hits Pause

March 23, 2018

Dear Cycling Friends,

I am writing to share an update on the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride. Most of you know that Hostelling International USA chose not to continue operating the ride for 2018 and went looking for a non-profit to take it over.

A small number of organizations expressed an interest in taking over the ride. I needed to handle them one-by-one as the process required deep thinking on the part of any non-profit board that considered adding an event of this magnitude into their work plan.

We are getting closer to finding a good fit. A local non-profit with a bicycling mission is stepping up with strong interest and one that has the strength and capacity to handle such an undertaking. We are going through a legal process right now and hope to announce a new owner for the ride in the coming weeks. And they are hopeful to offer an event later in 2018.

We are sad not to provide you with another spring season opener for cycling enthusiasts. 51 years was a nice ride.

We are truly grateful for your support, sponsorship, volunteer hours, training, enthusiasm, donations, years of riding with us and most of all friendship.

I’m hanging on to support the next organization in a smooth transition and to host the 2018 Tour De Pines Bike Ride in Itasca State Park this August 18th. Details and registration on this summer ride will emerge in the next few weeks.

More rides will surface to fill the missing space for the Minnesota Ironman. Keep your eyes out.

Wishing you a grand 2018 bicycling season. Pedals Up…

Jon Ridge
Former Minnesota Ironman Ride Director
Former VP Central Region
Hostelling International USA
Volunteer Director Tour De Pines


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