Join Us for the 2014 Tour De Pines

5th Annual Bike Tour of Itasca State Park

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Join us for the 6th annual Tour De Pines bike ride in (and around) Itasca State Park. Gorgeous, quiet routes, beautiful summer weather, and good food make this bike tour an instant classic. This is a relaxed bike tour for all cycling abilities.  Families with kids enjoy it as much as the Century riding crowd.  Itasca State Park and the surrounding area is worth the trip!  Add to that awesome volunteers and ride organizers with years of experience from running the MIBR. Join us for a memorable summer weekend of fun. 


Weekend Information

2014 Tour de Pines

 Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride

The 2014 Minnesota Ironman is was Sunday, April 27th, 2014

2014 MIBR Certificate of Acievment

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Subject: Bragging Rights / Stories

Hello Ironman Riders,

Whew, quite the day on Sunday, especially for the 1400 riders who showed up to ride in the Ironman.  Man do you have “bragging rights.”  Here is an excerpt from our ride historian, Doug Nelson (TCBC News Editor).

“I rode the IRONMAN for the 36th year in a row, and for me it was one of the toughest. I did the 29 miles and the wind wasn’t really as bad as I expected. But starting at 9:30 wasn’t the best time! Steady rain from then on.

Anyway, as you know, I have these old records. The high of 45 degrees yesterday was close to the IRONMAN record low high of 43, set in 2002 and 2011. And during the ride itself, going hour by hour, it never topped 42.

The constant winds from 15-25, gusting into the 30′s, made it one of the windiest ever — I don’t have it in the records that the IRONMAN ever averaged over 20 mph, and the official NOAA stats show the metro as averaging 21 mph yesterday. Also, it was the windiest day of any date in the past 12 months at least.

And finally the rain. This was only the 3rd IRONMAN where over one inch was recorded during the 24-hour period. And in 2012, the rain ended by around 7 AM. So that leaves 1986, with 1.7 inches, much of it during the ride, but the temps were in the 60′s then. Yesterday also had 1.7 inches, much of it during the ride, but considerably colder.

So what does this all mean? Unfortunately, I think it could be said that combining the cold, winds, and rain means it was the WORST IRONMAN WEATHER EVER during the majority of the day.

Ride on!, Doug”

Doug Nelson - TCBC News Editor

2900 riders pre-registered for the ride.  120 signed up on Ride-Day.  The first group are optimists, the second group, just darn crazy.

First, comments to you optimists.  You made a good decision.  It was a rough day to ride.  We as organizers can’t pick the weather and this day was brutal.

Now to the crazy ones; thank you for your grit and moxy, Ironmen and Ironwomen alike.

24 hours after the ride, I’ve received more negative comments than positives.  I can’t tell you how hard we try to solve every problem but sometimes mother nature reminds me she is in charge.  We can always do better and we will try.  So your comments really do help.

I have two questions for you 2900 sign ups.  Should we move the event to summer and give you nice weather and a great ride or keep it in April?  Would it still be an Ironman?

Second, can you send me more of your stories and comments.  Now that you know you biked in the most despicable weather in 48 years of the Minnesota Ironman, I’m sure you have a few things to brag about.  My ego is fragile but I will appreciate both the good and the bad.

Erik the Bikeman told me Sunday… The only people riding bikes in Minnesota are on our ride.  Bragging Rights for sure.

I work for Hostelling International USA.  Proceeds from the Ironman have always benefitted our non-profit organization. We once were AYH and even TCBC.  This ride is a fundraiser for us but I’m most proud of how it has impacted the lives of cyclists in Minnesota.  After 48 years, well over 150,000 riders have ridden in the good, the bad and the ugly of the Minnesota Ironman…the season kick-off.  We honor you, our riders.

Thanks for being a part of our history.

Warm Regards,

Jon Ridge
Ride Co-Director
VP Central Region HI-USA 

PS: Thank you volunteers.  Without you this ride could never happen.  You rock! Jon