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Surly Beer Tasting

To help us celebrate our 50th Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride, Surly Beer will be providing a limited beer tasting of several of their brews.  Stop by after the ride and turn in your wrist band for a free beverage.  Sorry, but we are not licensed to sell additional... read more

Ironman Ride Checklist

Nothing is more frustrating than getting out of your car prior to a ride or event and realizing you’ve forgotten or overlooked something. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you at the MN Ironman this Sunday. Use the following guide to make sure you walk out your door fully fueled and confident that you’re ready for the ride.

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Coach Bob #7: The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown To The 2016 Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride The MIBR is a little over a week away, so it’s “crunch” time.  Athletes typically start getting a little nervous as the big event approaches, so it’s natural if you’re feeling... read more

Fine Tune For Last 2 Weeks!

Fine Tune For Last 2 Weeks! Only 2 weeks until the MIBR and getting primed and ready to ride! Your bike is tuned up and has new tires You’ve got clothing for whatever Mother Nature gives us that day You’ve been training properly.  You’re riding one... read more

Can You Pedal Your Bike?

Of course you can pedal your bike. But…….are you pedaling efficiently or are you wasting energy and not maximizing the work you’re doing? Watch a pro bike race. Learn from them. Watch their pedaling technique, how smooth they are on the bike at high... read more

The Four Week Countdown

Wow, the MN Ironman Bike Ride is only 4 weeks away! Time moves quickly and the ride is rapidly approaching. Spring (and outdoor riding season) is arriving at just the right time! We want to make sure we’re completely ready when April 24 arrives, so with that in... read more

5 Weeks to go!

5 Weeks to go! Time marches on. All of a sudden, we only have 5 weeks until the MN Ironman Bike Ride. In addition to “Get Out And Ride!,” the main topic for this week is to “Get your clothing in order!” If you’ve ridden the MIBR in the past, you know that a huge... read more

It’s a Pizza Party

Just received news that Brew Pub Pizza is donating 200 Bernatello’s Brew Pub Pizzas for the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride! They will be served at the Fairgrounds after your ride.

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Coach Bob: Nutrition – Ride Prep #5

Nutrition: The Double Edged Sword Most of us have experienced the dreaded “bonk,” which occurs when your body essentially runs out of muscle glycogen (carbohydrates), causing light-headedness and feeling of weakness such that it’s tough to turn your... read more

Special Lodging Deal MIBR Weekend

Only 41-days left… …until the 50th Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride and here is your chance to extend your time in the scenic St. Croix River Valley with a special lodging package. Discover Stillwater has just announced some special lodging opportunities for... read more

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